Empire Capital & Consulting Corp.

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Empire Capital & Consulting Corp.

Empire Capital & Consulting Corp.
35 W. Upsal St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Phone Number: (215) 844-5752
Web Address: www.empirecapital1.com

Category:  Accountants

Full service accounting firm esp. for small business growth and tax problem avoidance & solutions

Since 1982, we have been helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and prevent/resolve tax problems. We use our strong contacts with local tax agents to resolve tax disputes ranging from non-filing to non-payment. Call us today... sleep well tonight!

Keywords: Tax problems Accounting Small business

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Interview Q&A
How long have you been in business?
29 years
What is your primary product or service?
Accounting and tax services
How did you first become interested in your line of business? (if owner) - What is your background? (If owner or store manager)
Majored in accounting in college.
How do you differentiate yourself from other businesses in your category and area?
We grow our business by helping our clients grow their business vs our competitors grow their business by charging fees to businesses... regardless of the results. We are performance driven and because we are self-employed also, we KNOW what other business owners think and feel: We are one.
How many locations do you have and do you have plans to expand?
One location currently. Soon to open in NYC and Washington, D.C.
Provide detailed directions to your location
Use Mapquest.com (driving directions)from your location.
What type of payments do you accept?
Cash Check ACH Credit cards
Which areas do you service?
Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.
Who owns your company or runs daily operations?
Mark Palmer, CEO
What are your hours of operation?
Weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. All calls are returned with 3 business hours from the time that they come in.
What is the best compliment anyone can give you?
To say that their business has grown and is stronger since Empire Capital joined their team.
What is your favorite quote or Bible verse?
"The race goes not to the swift nor the battle to the strong... but to those that endure to the end." All of Proverbs.

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