Picozzi and Siding, Siding and Window Contractor

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Picozzi and Siding, Siding and Window Contractor

Picozzi and Siding, Siding and Window Contractor
3241 Byberry Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19154

Phone Number: (215) 281-9081

Vinyl Siding Contractor

Install vinyl siding, aluminium capping, Soffits, facias, Bargeboard Capping, replacement wood, Pent roofs. shingles, all exterior capping- bargeboards, window sills, doors, all wood exposures covered. Gutters, downspouts, roof inspections, and repairs.

Keywords: Emergency siding repairs. Specializing in exterior repairs. Reasonable Rates.

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Interview Q&A
How long have you been in business?
Since 1982
What is your primary product or service?
Repairs on Vinyl Siding and Aluminium Capping.
How did you first become interested in your line of business? (if owner) - What is your background? (If owner or store manager)
Working many years in repairing and improving the exterior looks on homes.
How do you differentiate yourself from other businesses in your category and area?
We specialize in customer satisfaction. We are a family owned and operated business, striving for quality work at an affordable rate. We do the work right the first time no need to look for another contractor.
How many locations do you have and do you have plans to expand?
Which areas do you service?
Northeast Philadelphia, Mayfair, Holmesburg, Tacony, Burholme, Foxchase, Rhawnhurst, Bustleton, Somerton, Torresdale, Tacony, Bridesburg, Frankford, Parkwood, Morrell Park, Bucks County, Bensalem, Croyden, Andulusia, Feasterville,
What are your hours of operation?
24 hrs emergency Contact
What is the best compliment anyone can give you?
What is your favorite quote or Bible verse?
Honesty is the best policy.

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